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The writing bug bit me early. As a 7th-grader I finished the first chapter of what I was sure would become a classic World War II novel. A carefully chosen uncle was my first reader. Somewhere near the end of the first page Uncle Ralph began laughing so hard he nearly fell off his chair and had to stop frequently to wipe away tears of laughter. This was not quite the reaction I hoped for and  dropped the thought of a writing career like a lit cherry bomb. Instead of an author I became a librarian and spent over 30 great years working at the Flint Public Library serving the people of Flint.

The writing bug hit again in middle-age and resulted in Natural Michigan: A Guide to 228 Attractions. Over the years seven more books found their way into print. All adhered to a rule I discovered while writing Natural Michigan: Write about what you know and love. In my case that was Michigan. My fascination with the state stemmed from a childhood of camping across the state, trips Up North, and into the U.P.  At CMU I was required to take a course on Michigan history in which the amount of supplemental reading determined one's grade. The more I read about Michigan, the more I wanted to read.

Tom Powers

My current books in print include:

Michigan State and National Parks: A Complete Guide

In the Grip of the Whirlwind: The Armistice Day Storm of 1940

Stick 'Em Up: Michigan Bank Robberies of the 1920s & 1930s

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