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4th Annual 2023 U.P. Notable Books 

The Big Island: A Story of Isle Royale by Julian May and John Schoenherr, UMN Press, 2022

North of Nelson: Stories of Michigan's Upper Peninsula by Hilton Everett Moore, Silver Mountain Press, 2022.

We Kept Our Towns Going: The Gossard Girls of Michigan's Upper Peninsula by Phyllis Michael Wong, MSU, Press, 2022.

Dissecting Anatomy of a Murder by Eugene Milhizer, Ave Marie School of Law Press, 2019.

Shipwrecked and Rescued, Cars and Crew: The City of Banger by Larry Jorgensen, Fresh Ink Group, 2022.

Dorothy is Moving Mountains, A True Story by Dorothy Paad and Matthew Forgrave DEP Books, 2022.

The Bitting Cold by Matthew Hellman, Beacon Publishing Group, 2022.

Superior Voyage ed. Rick Rastall, Marquette Poet's Circle, 2022.

Empire Mine - Cascade Range: Michigan's Largest Iron Mine by Allan Koski, Self-Published, 2022.

Cady and the Birchbark Box: A Cady Whirlwind Thunder Mystery by Ann Dallman, Modern History Press.

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